About Boulder Popcorn

Our Story

Boulder Popcorn started in 2006 when our daughter came home from school and told us she learned about Supply and Demand today!

Being predisposed to having an entrepreneur itch, I knew right then it was time to start a family business to teach our children all facets of a real life business.

Popcorn came naturally to the forefront of our ideas for a number of good reasons:

  • The Munson Family of Munson Farms (www.munsonfarms.com) are the god parents to our youngest child, giving us the best Boulder farm to grow on.
  • I'm the third generation of a very passionate popcorn crazed family. i.e. (My Grandfather was Mayor of Boulder in the 1930's and used to make fresh popcorn everyday to share with the mailman rain or shine).
  • Popcorn represents the best of family core values - happy, healthy, sharing and fun.
  • My wife and best friend is a Registered Dietitian and teacher of College level Nutrition classes - healthy gourmet popcorn receives her strong endorsement!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to teach young people the ways of being an entrepreneur by delivering the absolute best product in its class and superior service. I believe our next American generations will need to rely on our innovations more than ever as business is rapidly evolving into an outsourced flat world economy.